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About Friends of Menengai

Friends of Menengai Crater (FOMEC) is a non-government organisation working to promote sustainable development based on sound conservation principles in the Menengai Caldera which forms the northern part of Lake Nakuru Catchment Basin. Established in 2007 by a group of dedicated conservationists, FOMEC was registered as a Trust with offices in Nakuru town, and is governed by a Board of Trustees.
The FOMEC’s core business is to promote environmental and community development activities that include Environmental Education aimed at raising the awareness of local communities to the natural features of their environment and the environmental impacts of their lifestyles and means of production on the environment in which they live, Environmental Conservation, aimed at catalysing immediate conservation action among residents by providing them with technical direction and the material requirements to undertake it, Environmental Monitoring, aimed at collaborating with the Geothermal Development Company to develop appropriate methods for monitoring and evaluating change in the terrestrial and aquatic environments of Menengai Caldera and Environmental Planning aimed at redressing the mistakes of the past by ensuring that current and future development in the Caldera is planned with due regard for critical environmental considerations. The thrust of our activities is to enhance the integration of environmental dimensions of poverty reduction into the local development planning and implementation. Since inception in 2007, FOMEC has grown from strength to strength. FOMEC currently has 300 individual members and 18 corporate members.
Since the inception of the Menengai Geothermal Drilling Project, FOMEC has built close collaboration with the Geothermal Development Company (GDC), and we are a formally recognized watchdog of the environmental impacts resulting from the Menengai Geothermal Drilling activities. Since 2010, GDC has undertaken major infrastructural works which include constructing about 50km road network, drilling 10 water boreholes, constructing a high lift water pump station, laying water pipelines, installing five 4.1million litre water tanks, constructing and commissioning a power substation, installing consumer power lines, preparing 25 well pads and drilling 18 wells. Other activities include constructing the Central Workshop, Stores and Material lay down yard, the Base Camp, and establishing a tree nursery.
GDC has also acquired four 2000 horsepower state-of-the art-drilling rigs. The objective of the project is to develop the field to a capacity of 400Mwe by 2015. Subsequently, an additional 200Mwe capacity is anticipated to be on line by 2016 and a further 400Mwe by 2017. The total field capacity is estimated at over 1250Mwe
FOMEC and GDC have an undertaking to carry out monthly environmental audits of the geothermal drilling activities to ensure quick mitigation measures are put in place. FOMEC has from time to time been contracted to carry out the NEMA annual Environmental & Social Audits. Other collaborative activities include participation in workshops & conferences, marking World Environment Days, the Menengai Half Marathon and as a member of the Menengai Geothermal Development Committee, contribute towards fast-tracking the Menengai project. Menengai is going to be Africa’s largest geothermal project and will not only change the energy equitation in the country completely, but will also improve the local community lives and livelihoods.


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The following is a breakdown of charges at Menengai Crater's Gate.
1. Adults Residents ( Including East Africa ) Kes 400
2. Adult Non-Residents (Including non East Africa) Kes 600
3. Child  Non Residents kes 150
4. Child Residents kes 100
5. School Groups kes 50
6. Vehicle (Free)
7. Tour Guide (Day) Kes 1000
Contact: Forester, Kenya Forest Service, Menengai Forest Station.
The above rates are subject to revision

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