14 | 12 | 2018
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Birds of Menengai Crater

Birds of Menengai Caldera, Kenya Rare birds include Black stork Ciconia nigra, Bat Hawk Macheiramphus alcinus, African Marsh Harrier, Circus ranivorus, Lesser Spotted Eagle Aquila pomarina, Booted Eagle, Hieraaetus pennatus Great spotted Cuckoo Clamator glandarius, Dusky Nightjar Caprimulgus fraenatus, Eurasian Nightjar Caprimulgus europaeus, Horus Swift Apus hours, Abyssinian Roller Coracias abyssinica, Abyssiinian Ground Hornbill Bucorvus abyssinicus, Hemprich's Hornbill Tockus hemprichii, Red-throated Wryneck Jynx ruficollis Brown-backed Scrub robin Cercotrichas hartlaubi Spotted creeper Salpornis spilanota, Grey-crested Helmet-Shrike Prionops poliophus, Magpie Sterling Speculipastor bicolor and Red-headed Quelea Quelea erythrops.
Distance analyses from the Madrugada transect revealed that there were 0.56 birds/M2 and 0.40 birds/M2 in Wanyororo farm. The Shannon Weiner species diversity scores in Madrugada and Wanyororo were 3.6 and 2.8 respectively, indicating that Madrugada was more species diverse compared to Wanyororo .



Jackson Raini


Tel: 0712176699 ;


Email: jackson


Cheryle Robinson




Julius Muchemi




The following is a breakdown of charges at Menengai Crater's Gate.
1. Adults Residents ( Including East Africa ) Kes 400
2. Adult Non-Residents (Including non East Africa) Kes 600
3. Child  Non Residents kes 150
4. Child Residents kes 100
5. School Groups kes 50
6. Vehicle (Free)
7. Tour Guide (Day) Kes 1000
Contact: Forester, Kenya Forest Service, Menengai Forest Station.
The above rates are subject to revision

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